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DISCLAIMER: This site is still under construction. It will change frequently unti I feel comfortable with it. There may be typos, etc. I will do my best to correct them.

Also, and most importantly, the article by M. Guy Stair Sainty on "The Case For French Legitimism" is copyrighted by the author, I am attempting to get permission to post it. If M. Sainty refuses such permission, the page will be removed, but the link to it will remain on our Related Links Page.

Vive le roi Louis XX,

Jean-Marie Weismiller T.O.Carm.
Director of the Confraternity

Welcome to the Confraternity of St Louis IX, King of France!

The Confraternity of St Louis IX, King of France, was formed a few years ago, offline. It was founded by four Traditionalist Catholic Monarchists who are convinced that for the Revolution to be defeated world wide, it must first be defeated in its birth place, France. They are also convinced that for the Social Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of His Holy Mother to Triumph in France and throughout the world, the True King of France, Jesus Christ must be represented on the Throne by His Lieutenant, The Eldest Born of the House of France, Monseigneur le prince Louis, le duc d'Anjou, de jure, Louis XX, King of France and Navarre.

The Statutes of the Confraternity are as follows:

I. The Confraternity of St Louis IX, King of France is a League of Prayer and Action to bring about by all legitimate means the defeat of the Revolution in France and throughout the world and the Triumph of the Social Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

II. As part of this aim, the members of the Confraternity pledge themselves to pray and work for the Restoration to the Throne of his forefathers of Mons. le prince Louis, le duc d'Anjou as the Legitimate King of France and Navarre.

III. The recommended daily prayers for these intentions are a) the Collect from the Mass of St Louis or b)a Pater, Ave and Gloria.

IV. It is also recommended that the members attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion for these intentions on the Feast of St Louis (25 August) which is also the name day of Mons. le prince Louis.

If you visited this Site because you are a Monarchist, but do not wish to join the Confraternity, you might want to click on the link below. You will jump to the Yahoo! Groups Page of l'Alliance Monarchiste, an organisation dedicated to Counter Revolutionary, Traditional Social Catholic Monarchism throughout the world. Join today and help us defeat the Satanic Revolution!

L'Alliance Monarchiste

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